Teaser „Sound of X“ Soundscapes

SOUND OF X is a project commissioned by the Goethe-Institut Singapore. The programme features artists who captured and were challenged to narrate and reinterpret without the use of words the sights and sounds from different parts of their city, producing wordless musical-video collages that depict the urban and cultural environments of the city-state from the artists’ perspectives. Vitaminz design was commisioned to design a Motion Design for the project, as well as to produce the trailer and teasers for the website and different social media channels.

Was wir gemacht haben

  • Konzept (Trailer und Teaser)
  • Motion Design
  • Schnitt

Projekt Info

  • Kunde: Goethe Institut Singapore
  • Produktionsjahr: 2020


  • Die Rechte der benutzen Materialien liegen bei dem Goethe Institut Singapore oder den jeweiligen Künstlern/ Produktionsgesellschaften.